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An archenemy, archfoe, archnemesis, or simply nemesis is some character's designated and most important enemy. The archenemy can be the Big Bad, the Dragon, the Rival, an Evil Counterpart, or an Harmless Villain. They can be the foil to the character. For example, their presence may not be as powerful as the Big Bad, but their feud with the Hero is usually more personal. If there is a Greater Scope Villain, his archenemy commonly is the Big Good.

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    • Mcleach to Metal Sonic
    • Clayton to Prison Keeper
    • Captain Hook to Foxy and Mangle
    • Barbossa to Jack Skeelington and Captain Jack Sparrow
    • Shan Yu to Riku
    • Oogie Boogie to Experiment
    • Scar to Master Xehanort and Xemnas
    • Roxas to Sephiroth
    • Horned King to Bill Cipher
    • Professor Ratigan to Wario
    • Dr.Facelier to Vexen,Cloud,and Larxene
    • Jafar to Illuminator and Discord
    • Lord Zalgo to Lord Dominator
    • Freddy Kreuger to Darth Vader
    • Xigbar to Pete
    • Maleficent to Mickey Mouse
    • Thrax to Zim and Waluigi
    • Guard Armor to Saix
    • Marluxia to Funtime Chica,Wendy Clements,Willy Clements,Toy Chica,Hades,and Adrian Clements


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