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The cause of all bad happenings in a story. The Big Bad may either be personally responsible for the events, or are the biggest force in opposition of the hero's goals. A Big Bad could be a character with evil plans or it could be an omnipresent situation. In a serial story, the Big Bad often exerts an effect across a number of chapters and even an entire event. In a standalone cinematic story, their presence drives the plot.

Sometimes the Big Bad of a story is not always the most powerful or oldest existing evil force. An evil presence along the lines of a creature defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the universe overshadows the villain's setting, but is mainly divorced from the story's events is called a Bigger Bad, also known as the Greater Scope Villain.

A Greater Scope Villain is a threat that's more dangerous, affects more people, or a villainous presence that is more significant than the story's current Big Bad in the setting as a whole, but isn't causing the conflict of the immediate story. While the Big Bad is directly responsible for the current story, they are the villains or situation that the protagonists are attempting to defeat or overcome, a Greater Scope Villain isn't a major force in the plot. They are just responsible for anything evil or fueling at a part of the fictional setting in which the story takes place.

List of Big Bads and Bigger BadsEdit



  • Makuta Teridax as both the Big Bad and Bigger Bad of the entire BIONICLE series.
    • The Bahrag in the 2002 storyline.
    • Roodaka in the 2005 storyline.
    • Vezon in the 2006 storyline.
    • Pridak was considered as the Bigger Bad since he was responsible for Teridax's corruption and served as the Big Bad in the 2007 storyline with Karzahni as the Bigger Bad.
    • Icarax in the 2008 storyline.
    • Tuma in the 2009 storyline.
    • Darrell Boxman in K.O.Heroes,with Cosma as the Bigger Bad.


Live Action TVEdit





  • With Lord Zalgo in Creepypasta Series,with Naamah as the Bigger Bad.


Pixar Edit

​Video GamesEdit

'Smash Bros.Edit

  • Crazy Hand in Smash Bros series,with Galeem and Dharkhon as the Bigger Bad.

​​Five Nights at Freddy'sEdit

  • William Afton In FNAF Series,with Nightmare as the Bigger Bad.
  • Ballora in Sister Location,with Ennard as the Bigger Bad.


  • Bendy and Alice Angel in Batim,with Joey Drew as the Bigger Bad,

​​​Web AnimationEdit

  • Cinder Fall in the first three volumes, with Salem as the Bigger Bad.
  • Purple Guy,Golden Freddy,Scrap Baby in FNAF Minecraft,with Nightmare as the Bigger Bad.
  • Nightmare in Adventures of Adrian,with Marluxia as the Bigger Bad

Western Animation Edit

  • Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender'.
  • Dag in Barnyard.
  • Nero in The Storykeepers.
  • Thrax in Osmosis Jones.
  • Lord Hater in Wonder Over Yonder,with Lord Dominator as the Bigger Bad

Real LifeEdit

  • Donald Trump,Nero,Adolf Hitler,with Satan as the Bigger Bad.
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