Lex Luthor 3
Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor
is the archenemy of Superman in the Superman comics and media where he usually he as the main antagonist. He is intelligent and very tricky. Lex's evolution from a mad scientist in Golden Age to a billionaire turned villain in the Silver Age in one of the greatest changes in comic book history.


  • Full Name: Alexander Joseph Luthor
  • Alias:
    • Lex Luthor
    • Mr. Luthor
    • Luthor
    • Lex
  • Origin: Superman
  • Occupation:
    • Founder, CEO and Owner of LexCorp Company
    • Billionaire Scientist
    • Powerful Terrorist
    • Supervillain
  • Powers/Skills:
    • ​Genius-Level Intelligence
  • Hobby:
    • Elaborating new plans
    • Manipulating
    • Antagonizing Superman
  • Goals:
    • Defeat and destroy Superman and the Justice League and then take over the world (failed)
    • Become the US President (succeded)
  • Types:
    • ​Evil Genius
    • Arrogant Mastermind
    • Crime Lord
    • Megalomanic
    • Master Manipulator
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