Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic
the i​s the secondary antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog​ series. He is an evil version of Sonic the Hedgehog and undoubtedly Eggman's greatest creation, built for the sole purpose of destroying Sonic. Deployed during Eggman's operation on Little Planet, Metal Sonic confronted Sonic in battle and lost, though he would return again and again to challenge Sonic and his allies. Modeled with extreme accurary after Sonic, Metal Sonic not only resembles his template, but can also imitate his moves and achieve velocities matching Sonic's

While mostly serving as Eggman's obedient and quiet enforcer, Metal Sonic is intelligent machine with a very dark side. He's cold-hearted, aggressive and ruthless killer with a obsession of Sonic that of surpasses his maker's, and his ultimate goal is proving to Sonic that he is the better of them and eliminate him once and for all.


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  • Alias:
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  • Powers/Skills
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  • Weaknesses: Can't brake
  • Goals: ​Kill Sonic the Hedgehog
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Metal's Personality
Despite being built to match Sonic the Hedgehog in all aspects, Metal Sonic is vastly different from his organic counterpart in terms of personality. Rather than fun-loving, cool, and carefree, Metal Sonic is violent, aggressive, cold-hearted, and intelligent killing machine with a superiority complex. While he meant to be another of Eggman's mindless robot slaves, Metal Sonic also possesses an AI that allows him to make choices of his own, granting the robot sentince (though he is still restricted by his programming). This trait, however, has Metal Sonic only used to fuel his dark desires to carry out his goals of destruction and domination, and his programming more than once to evolve beyond what had been intended.

At most times, Metal Sonic is quiet, emotionless and completely obiedent to Dr. Eggman. However, in truth, he carries a deep evil inside him, making him one of Sonic's most threating foes. When facing a foe, Metal Sonic is at most times never the one to talk or rant, and instead remains quiet and coldly serious, making him a slient killer in every aspect of the word.

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